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Packages of Mono, a Free Software .NET framework implementation, are now available for Debian GNU/Linux. It is hoped that feedback from users of these packages will facilitate the development of a framework for the seamless integration of Mono and the .NET environment into Debian GNU/Linux.


The packages available from the local apt source have been tested on unstable Debian GNU/Linux systems.

To get started, install mono, a metapackage which will provide a complete .NET development and testing evironment.

To get the documentation, install the monodoc, a metapackage which will install the manual and at least one viewer package.

The MonoDevelop IDE can be installed with the monodevelop package.

Release packages for Debian unstable (sid)

The packages enter Sid when they are ready. Sometimes there are timing problems when certain packages stay for too long in the NEW queue. If you really need fresh packages, you can test some from our preview repository.

Unreleased preview packages for Debian unstable (sid)

/etc/apt/sources.list should contain:

deb ./

Release packages for Debian Testing

There are not explicite packages for Debian Testing since maintaining them is sisyphus work. Please wait for Testing to adopt enough packages from Unstable to fullfil the dependencies.

Release packages (backports) for Debian Stable


If you're just getting started with Mono and .NET development, you'll find some of this documentation helpful:

Packaging policy

Official Debian CLI Policy:

Debian Mono Group Policy:



We are working on keeping the packages in most current and most bug-free state. There are still some issues to be dealt with:

Various comments


The packages integrate .NET executables into the Linux system using binfmt-support. This is an optional feature, the recommended way is using the cli-wrapper or a wrapper script for installed applications. Make sure that your kernel is compiled with BINFMT_MISC support. This shouldn't be an issue if you're using the kernel provided by your vendor / Debian.


You can use this banner to link through:


Alp Toker also done some banners for other Mono subprojects.


Debian Mono Group Members:

  • Mirco Bauer (meebey)
  • Jo Shields (directhex)
  • Iain Lane (laney)
  • Ray Wang (raywang)
See "Uploaders" field of the package for the respective responsibilities.

Previous Members:

  • Alp Toker
  • Robert McQueen
  • Michael Schiansky (mrdata)
  • Teófilo Ruiz Suárez (teo)
  • Pablo Fischer (pabl0)
  • Eduard Bloch (Zomb)
  • Dave Beckett (dajobe)
  • Andrew Mitchell (ajmitch)
  • Dylan RE Moonfire (lurfagrin/dmoonfire)
  • Sebastian Dröge (slomo)
  • David Paleino (hanska/dapal)

Debian Mono Group Founders:

  • Eduard Bloch (Zomb)
  • Mirco Bauer (meebey)

Package status

Current package status (maintained by the Debian Mono Group):

Source Packages:

Preview release notes

Exclamation mark

If you like beeing bleeding edge, you can try these experimental packages, but be warned, they may _not_ work at all, or packages are missing/conflicting/outdated/whatever!

Debian/EXPERIMENTAL Current preview packages of Mono

deb /

If you experience problems with preview packages, please post on the pkg-mono-devel mailing list, thanks.


Mailing lists:
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We are also on IRC: OFTC ( Channel: #debian-cli You need an IRC client in order to join the channel. Make sure to not miss the awesome Smuxi IRC client for GNOME / GTK+.


Project homepage:

  • WWW browsing:
  • Access via Shell: git+ssh://$PACKAGE.git
  • Anon access: git://$PACKAGE.git
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